Getaways in the Colorado mountains are what we do. We set everything up for you before you arrive. Our beautiful Lotus Belle yurts feel light and and spacious inside. They are 13 feet in diameter, 6 feet tall at the walls, and about 9 feet tall in the center. You can move freely and stretch out in the space without crouching. The Lotus Belle is not only beautiful and spacious, but functional as well. It is constructed of waterproof canvas and has a waterproof floor. When the windows and doors are shut, our yurts shelter guests from rain, wind and hail. Mosquito net, clear vinyl, and canvas window coverings allow guests to moderate the temperature of the space while keeping insects out. Lay in bed and watch the wind move in the trees through the window, or close the canvas shutters to make the space cozy and private.

We select sites that we personally find to be inspiring and that provide a sense of privacy while still being safe and accessible to all of our guests. We can also make recommendations on nearby attractions, restaurants and outdoor activities.

Our yurts move around from season to season, so keep checking back, or subscribe to our seasonal newsletter for our current and upcoming offerings!